Zero waste tips and tricks

We all want to live in a healthy, sustainable world. The choices we make today impact the world we live in tomorrow, and the planet we leave for future generations. Using resources strictly for convenience, or buying disposable plastic products often, is not sustainable. The Bentall Kennedy Residential Services team has a few zero waste tips and tricks we can all adopt for a better world.


You've Got To Start Somewhere


The sheer scale of tackling an issue such as sustainability can seem overwhelming. Don't let that stop you from getting started! Select a few tips from this list and stick with them. Add more as you go. All the little choices can add up to big changes. A simple place to start is ditching plastic water bottles. Carry a reusable bottle with you and refill it with tap water.




When you go shopping, bring reusable bags with you. You can take things to the next level by buying in bulk and bringing your own reusable containers, such a glass jars, with you. Say goodbye to paper towels in favour of cloth. Some sustainable choices can actually be more convenient -- like investing in a pressure cooker, or instant pot. This can cut down on cooking time, save energy, and actually make meal preparation easier!




Ditch the plastic disposable razors and opt for a reusable safety razor. Shop for your personal care items in bulk and bring reusable containers with you to the store. You can also save money while helping to save the planet! Embrace the DIY world of natural, homemade cleaners, including concoctions of white vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda.


This is far from an exhaustive list. More tips and tricks can be added over time.  One thing you can do right now is switch to electronic bills and statements, rather than having paper hard copies mailed to you. Make simple changes that you can stick with and keep adding to your sustainability list as you go. Together we can make a difference.


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