Easter is just around the corner. Bunnies are hopping, robins are singing, tulips are blooming. And while pressure to both buy gifts and eat chocolate mounts, we prepare for what for many is a yearly feast and holiday. Easter also gives us a chance to pay attention to style and get creative and colourful. Classic pastels and primary colors appear on everything from baskets and eggs to fashion. To celebrate, the team at Bentall Kennedy Residential Services has put together a shortlist of Easter decor and meal ideas to help you and your family enjoy the holiday.


Main Events: Ham


Nothing says Easter like a glazed spiral ham. Only the Easter Bunny him/herself rivals this delicacy as the poster child of spring. Slowly baked to perfection over 2.5 hours, then broiled (and in some cases blow-torched) with varying combinations of brown sugar, mustard, and even Dr. Pepper, this mouth watering delicacy can feed an army. It also manages to marry those most envied of flavours: sweet and savoury. Read more here.


Vegetarian Options:  Seitan and Polenta Skillet.


It's nice having a veggie dish with some substance. For Easter, something meaty tasting can help bring the warm and fuzzy. In this veggie main, seitan, the tofu-like protein, combines with polenta, a similarly textured cornmeal cake to build a dense stir fry. After frying the proteins, remove from heat, fry chopped scallions, bok choy, baby spinach, and sundried tomatoes. Remove when soft but still crisp, toss the protein back in to warm up a bit, then serve. Instant hearty meal at your fingertips. Check out this for more info.


Sides: Scalloped Potatoes + Cauliflower


Scalloped potatoes are a simple yet mouth-watering favourite. Parboiled, sliced thin, layered with cream, butter, and flour, scalloped potatoes are the salty layer cake of the season. Turn up the broiler and add some cheese, breadcrumbs, black pepper, and chives for an au gratin finish. The bread and butter of Easter, scalloped potatoes put a delicious spin on the classic marriage of meat and starch. Get recipes here.




The new kale, the cruciferous cauliflower is nutritious and cheap. Season (salt, pepper, cumin - almost anything works), and toss it in the oven for 25-30 minutes, adding parmesan, parsley, or cilantro near the end. Broil for a crispy finish if desired. It's an easy peasy, Easter side everyone will love. See more here.


Desserts: Hot cross buns + braided Easter bread


These bready desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth this Easter. While chocolate is always the rage, it's hard to pass up a chance to make (or buy) hot cross buns. Once reserved for Easter alone, hot cross buns are a sweet bread studded with raisins or currants, with the namesake icing the crown of each bun. A similar Easter dessert tradition is slightly sweet braided egg bread. Sometimes flavoured with honey and orange zest, this visually appealing dessert is synonymous with Easter in cultures from Europe to North America. Read more here or here.




Informal: Moss Eggs


Direct from Martha Stewart comes this spring's Easter decor delight: moss eggs. Soft, malleable, springy and textured, moss can be shaped easily, and in keeping with Colortone's color of the year: greenery. This table arrangement begins with shaping the moss (start with it dampened, then apply a mold, or trim by hand) into egg shapes, then positioning them as centerpieces and decorating them sparsely with candy, found robin's eggs, tree branches, boughs or fresh cut flowers. Check out more here.


Formal: Flowers, table runners, wood


For more formal flair this Easter try a few classier points to spruce up your dinner table. First on pretty much any decor list is cut flowers. Easter Lilies and Tulips practically define the holiday and always add fragrance and beauty. Table runners are in this season, and vary in color, with monochrome, greens, and taupe in style. Wood is also a biggie for 2017, with reclaimed tables, worn planters and baskets adding rustic chic to your table. Get more ideas here.


The Bentall Kennedy Residential Services blog team hopes you have a safe and happy Easter. For more information about Bentall Kennedy properties in your city, please visit our website.