The Best Bubble Tea in the Beltline

While Bubble Tea may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think "summer", it's actually an incredibly refreshing treat that's perfect on a hot, sunny day.  The trend has been picking up steam in Calgary over the past few years, and there are now a wealth of places to choose from offering vast arrays of teas, flavours, styles, and colors. Check out our list of where to get the best bubble tea near the Beltline.



A tea franchise from Taiwan, Presotea now spans across eastern and western Canada. They use the highest quality tea leaves, and employ espresso machine technology to maximize flavour and freshness. Their dizzying array of menu options includes matcha, fruit teas, classic fresh green, black, oolong and genmiacha teas. They offer a variety of toppings and sugar levels, as well as fresh juices, shakes and coffee.


Hi- Tea

Bubble Tea masters Hi-Tea specialize in delivering "the most delectable, flavorful, and refreshing bubble tea you'll ever try!" Choose from a huge range of bubble teas including fruit and traditional versions (such as Lychee, Chocolate, Papaya, and many more amazing flavours), a "slush" style crushed ice tea drink served with or without milk (honeydew, green apple, taro), in addition to milkshakes, coffee, and standard brewed teas. 


Bubblemania Cafe

For more than 12 years, Bubblemania Café has been whipping up delicious Bubble Teas of all colours, styles, and flavours. They are constantly sourcing new and exotic fresh fruits from around the world for their juices, and pride themselves on creating new combinations for their signature slushes and smoothies. They constantly refine their teas, and much more. Try the Wizard of Oz signature slush with pineapple, mint, and honeydew! Find out more.


Pearl House Cafe

Pearl House Cafe offers a huge array of delicious hot and cold beverages. While some of their most popular offerings include Hot Green Bean tea, Original Pearl Milk Tea, and Fresh Strawberry Papaya with Pearls, their menu has a staggering number of unique items including milk teas, slushes, fresh fruit drinks, coffees, and more. All of it, save for the coffee, is served with tapioca pearls. Check it out.



Calgary's JusFruit offers more than "your usual boba drinks".  Advertising a "whole new type of beverage", JusFruit slings seasonal fruit juices, fresh smoothies, hot and cold milk teas, and straight up brewed tea variants including red, white, and green. Try the JusJasmine, Winter Melon, or the Taro Tea Latte. Learn more.


If it's bubble tea you want, Calgary's got it. Enjoy some this summer at one of our favourite Beltline bubble tea spots. The best part is, they are all close to Hull Estates.