Sustainable Body Care Tips

Sustainable beauty may not be the industry standard yet, but you can do your part to make a positive impact by purchasing products that don't pollute the environment or harm wildlife. The Bentall Kennedy Residential Services team has some tips on what to look for the next time you go shopping for body care products.


Non toxic

When purchasing your next body care item, try to steer clear of the following ingredients: formaldehyde, parabens, petrolatum, fragrance, oxybenzone and BHA. These are harmful ingredients (for you and the environment) that are usually found in things such as body lotions, makeup, shampoos, hair dye, hair spray, nail polish and baby products.


Free of Palm Oil
Palm oil is the most-consumed vegetable oil in the world. Because of its high demand, mass-production has led to deforestation, destruction of habitats and the extinction of animals. Since it's used in so many everyday products, palm oil isn't always clearly labelled. Look for labels such as RSPO (products made with sustainable palm oil) or Green Palm (products transitioning to the use of sustainable sustainable palm oil).


Cruelty Free

Looking closely at the labels of the products you buy is one of the simplest ways to make more sustainable choices. When it comes to body care items, choose things that have not been tested on animals. If you spot the Leaping Bunny, a.k.a. The Peta Bunny, this is a sign that the product has not been tested on animals. If you want to be sure, check the company's website and dig a little deeper to find out what their policies are.



You might have found the perfect product, but it's up to you to dispose of it correctly. It's important to recycle the packaging officially or find another use for it yourself. Most plastic bottles, lipstick tubes and eyeshadow containers are recyclable. Origins has a great program - they recycle cosmetic empties from ANY brand! Just bring them to an Origins store or department store counter and they will handle the rest!


We hope that these tips help you make more informed and sustainable body care choices. For information on Bentall Kennedy Properties in your city, please visit our website.