New year, new you

New Year's Resolutions are all about making positive changes. Lasting changes to one's lifestyle are no easy task to undertake. We're creatures of habit, after all. The trick to making your resolutions stick is to commit to them and incorporate those new habits into your regular routine. Bentall Kennedy Residential Services wants to help with your resolutions this year. Here are our best tips for creating new habits.


1. Be Specific


It's easier to create a new habit than remove an already ingrained one. Start with simple, positive changes that you can stick to. Make sure the change is really important to you. Make a list of the benefits this new habit will bring. Your success with a new simple habit will increase your confidence and you can apply the same strategy to create more positive habits, or eliminate negative ones.


2. Be Consistent


Creating new habits is about being consistent. If you can repeat an action for 28 days, it will become a habit. Remain consistent for 66 days and the habit will be ingrained for good.


3. Use Visual Reminders


Mark the 28 day mark and the 66 day mark on a calendar -- an actual calendar if you've got one, not virtual calendar. Seeing your goal written out will help you visualize your progress. As the Xed out days add up, the Xs will begin to motivate you to continue. Leave reminder notes where you will see them.


4. Same Old Routine


Your new habit has to become a routine. Complete your task at the same time every day.


5. Get Help


Having outside support can help you be more accountable. Tell your friends and family about your new habit and see if they can help you stick to it. In time, your habits will become automatic.


Bentall Kennedy Residential Services hopes these tips help you cultivate some positive habits this year! For information on Bentall Kennedy Properties in Canada, please visit our website.