Killer home workouts for when it's too cold to hit the gym

When a Canadian winter hits, it can make our already busy lives even trickier to navigate. In the midst of a winter storm, it may not be a good idea to head out and drive to the gym. Even if you have a fitness room in your Bentall Kennedy Residential property, the darker days of winter can make you feel like staying in. You don't have to let your fitness suffer, even during the worst winter weather. Here are a few killer home workouts for when it's too cold to hit the gym.


Low Impact Cardio for Beginners


If an exercise routine is a new thing for you, this 26-minute low impact cardio workout for beginners is perfect. This workout is designed to build cardio endurance, coordination, flexibility and range of motion. All the moves can be modified to make it easier or more challenging.


Excuse-Proof 10 Minute Workout


No matter how busy we get, everyone can find 10 minutes in a day. That's all you need to tackle this no-equipment home workout. You can add a bit of difficulty and resistance to this workout with a set of dumbbells. Give yourself 10 minutes of maximum effort, don't give yourself an excuse.


Muscle Building at Home


These muscle-building exercises are done using your own bodyweight. The workout incorporates familiar exercises such as push ups, and only requires a set of dumbbells. It's a great way to get started, or for days when hitting the gym just isn't in the cards.


20-Minute Full Body Workout


This 20-Minute Full Body Workout video will put you through your paces, from the comfort of your home. Don't expect the workout to be comfortable, though. This is an intense, sweat-breaking routine. No equipment is required.


HIIT Your Peak


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It's a great way to get an intense workout in, in a short period of time. HIIT workouts consist of a warm up, followed by a short period of maximum effort, followed by a cool down period. Then repeat. This video will show you what to do.


With a little help from these home workouts, you can stay fit and deal with stress -- no matter what winter throws your way. For information on Bentall Kennedy Properties near you, please visit our website.