How to Use Less Paper

With global population numbers increasing consistently, being kind to the environment is something that can help us all. A great way to do your part is by using less paper. Notepads, school supplies, paper towels, office paper, toilet paper -- all the day-to-day stuff -- can seem hard to minimize. But with a little effort, and not too much inconvenience, it is possible to put a dent in your paper consumption. As part of our Forever Green @Home initiative, the team at Bentall Kennedy Residential Services has a list of tips that will help you use less paper.

Buy Recycled

Recycling the packaging you use isn't enough. To really make a difference, consumers need to buy more recycled products. From toilet paper to printer reams, almost all paper products these days are available in recycled versions. While the cost of these products tends to be a bit higher, it's worth it in the long run, and helps increase demand for recycled products.

Use Cloth

When it comes to washing and drying dishes and cleaning, paper use can be curbed by using cloth and composite fabric products instead of paper towel. Reusable, longer-life sponges and cloths make for great scrubbing and cleaning tools, while cotton hand towels do the job for hand and dish drying, as well as mirror and bathroom cleaning. 

Use Apps

Smartphones have given us countless options for replacing paper with apps. Apps can cut paper use in half when you opt to use them to write your notes, manage your calendar, track your fitness and food, write recipes, write grocery lists, and record daily to-do reminders. The possibilities are almost infinite.

Printing and Office Paper Use

Document printing often results in barrels of paper winding up in the recycle bin. Offices and individuals routinely print draft after draft of documents, memos, school essays etc. While recycling all unused paper is a good start, printing less, single spacing docs to get more on each page, printing on both sides of a page, and avoiding the whole process by using pdf or digital documents whenever possible are all great options for paper-use reduction.

Encourage Others to Recycle!

Recycling is so important but most people don't bother to do it day to day. While public campaigns abound, there's more that can be done. Spearhead a recycling program in your office or school, and make the effort to buy recycled products!


The Bentall Kennedy Residential Services blog team hopes that this list of ways to use less paper inspires you to make some positive changes.

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