How to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility. It's important to do what we can to ensure that we don't use up the natural resources that we have on our planet.

Here are a few tips on how to reduce your environmental footprint throughout your day.


Use Greener Transport

If you live in a city equipped with bicycle lanes or one that has a bicycle program, why not take advantage? Get a great workout while reducing your emissions! Our Lex residents love our bicycle storage room, where they know they can safely leave their bikes. If you're not convinced you'll get to work on time by cycling, you can still reduce your impact by leaving your car at home and choosing public transportation. 


Unplug Your Phone

We all know that our smartphones need to be charged regularly. Instead of always plugging it in to charge it, try using a pod. Pods are small, wireless, and charge your phone magnetically while you're on the go. They're also 100 percent waterproof! Another environmentally-friendly option is a solar powered charger. Not only will this charge your phone, but it works for other devices as well. And unlike a pod, it doesn't have to be plugged in - it gets all of its power from the sun!


Pass on Dairy

Many don't realize that dairy cows and their manure cause greenhouse gas emissions. Dairy farms also use large amounts of water. Water is needed to hydrate the cows, grow feed, and clean the dairy facilities. In fact, producing 3 litres of milk uses the same amount of water as 27 showers! Switching from dairy milk to nut milk will have a big impact on preserving the environment.


Go Fragrance-free

Nearly everything has a fragrance in it, from dish soap to body lotion. Fragrances often hide the fact that there are toxic chemicals in products, which are not only bad for the environment, but also for you. By choosing natural products or those that are fragrance-free, will help eliminate dangerous chemicals that you expose yourself and the environment to every single day.