How to Reduce Waste and Recycle the Right Way

Do you recycle the right way? While most of us are familiar with the three Rs of conservation (reduce, reuse, recycle), it's surprising how much still ends up in the landfill. But it's not always because of a lack of trying. From product packaging, to recycling stipulations and limitations, as well as hard-to-break personal habits, it can be tougher than you think to put the three Rs into practice. To help you get your green on, the team at Bentall Kennedy Residential Services created this list of tips for reducing waste and recycling properly.


Clean + Sort


Turns out it's a bit of a myth that dirty recyclables end up in the landfill. Most modern recycling facilities have rigorous cleaning procedures, but it still cuts down on waste and helps the process along when you rinse recyclables. Sort them appropriately and check plastic, glass, and metal labels for recycling numbers and eligibility.


Food Waste + Composting


You may have seen those Ziploc ads about how much food the average person tosses. By taking stock of your eating habits, purchasing more appropriately, and making sure to compost, you can reduce food waste and put genuine compostables to good use.




The second R in the triad, reusing is more than just a one-time event. It has to become a habit to be effective. Buying a reusable coffee or tea mug is an excellent way to start.




Taking old yogurt tubs or wood from a reno and finding another use for it is part function, part art. From food storage to woodworking, putting old items to new use is a key component of conservation.




The recycling loop can only be fully completed by buying recycled products. Blue-binning your recyclables is only half the equation.



Unplug + Turn Off


Anything plugged into an outlet draws power,  and many electronic devices have little LED lights or indicators that use power even when not in use. While unplugging stuff all the time is a chore, at least turn off lights when not in use, and be aware of items that still use power when off.


Curb Bad Habits


Bad habits may be one of the largest impediments to recycling and sustainability. Take an extra 3 seconds to put recyclable materials into the bin. Consider if you really need that plastic grocery bag. Turn off your car while waiting. Walk or take transit. Start composting. The sky's the limit.


The Bentall Kennedy Residential Services blog team hopes this list motivates you to increase your impact by reducing your footprint. To learn more about our Forever Green program, and get more information about Bentall Kennedy properties in your city, please visit our website