In spring and summer we do our best to make the most of our time off and enjoy the great weather. Most of us enjoy vacation time spanning anywhere from a week to two months. There are many ways to enjoy it, but with the masses planning their holiday time all at once, it can be tricky to find something unique or uncrowded. To help you enjoy this special time to the fullest, the team at Bentall Kennedy Residential Services brings you 5 ways to make your spring and summer time off more satisfying and memorable this year.


The Path Less Traveled


Every Canadian city has its nearby convenient location for getting out of town. And then there's the other one. And the other other one. Take note of whichever locations apply to your city and then consider exploring the surrounding area - a town or beach beside the more common destination. This is a great way to have an enjoyable trip while avoiding the rush of summer sun seekers. While certain locales are popular for good reason and can be hard to pass up, diamonds in the rough can be found if you put in a bit of time finding alternate routes.


Pick a project


Whether it's building a deck or writing a short story, a focused, single project can make holiday time not only productive, but satisfying. And since the creative urge tends to rise when time is available, there's no better way to take advantage of holidays than by tackling that thing you've been wanting to do. While a week or two isn't a long time to do something like travel the world, it certainly is enough time to finally learn the chords to "Rocket Man", or to take an online drawing course, build a model, or even demolish the old shed. If you have a month or two to enjoy, like teachers, bigger projects (including renovations, building a garden, joining a club, or taking a class) can be great options for a productive summer.


"Don't just do something: sit there"


In our culture most people advise you to "do more" -- it's rare and refreshing to hear suggestions advising the opposite. The now proverbial quote from the well known Sylvia Boorstein book by the same name, is a play on Buddhist meditation practice. The goal is to stop doing - thinking, rushing, making, planning - and start being. Summer holidays are meant to be "time off", so sit back and veg out. A vacation can be a great time to work on passion projects and to-do lists, but can be just as "productive" when you do nothing at all. Read a book. Bird watch. Pick a film from Rotten Tomatoes' top 100 list. Or do your own personal meditation or yoga retreat. Doing less can sometimes achieve more. Especially on vacation.


Clean up your home or yard


As we roll into summer, it can become glaringly apparent that there's been a teeny bit of hoarding over the winter months. Even if you do a good job keeping a lean closet, the tools of winter (shovels, sidewalk salt, car paraphernalia, coats and mitts) need to be packed away to make room for your summer gear. While cleaning isn't necessarily (or ever) the first thing on most people's' lists for spring and summer vacation, a good old de-clutter can kill two birds with one broom. Though not a popular way to spend a day off, it is worth the effort as the rewards can last all summer. Get more ideas here.


Plan a staycation


If you can't get away this year consider a "staycation". Use your time off to explore the sights and sounds of the place you live in year round. Give yourself the opportunity to see your home in a new light. How many things are there that you haven't seen or experienced in your local area? Most of the time there's good reason to avoid the tourist traps common to every city or town, but those are often the exact activities locals never do. Try doing a search for "things to do" in your city or nearby locales. Look at it like a tourist would. You might be surprised at what's around or happening that you hadn't heard of! Check out more here.

The Bentall Kennedy Residential Services blog team hopes this article inspires you to make your time off more memorable this spring and summer. For more information about Bentall Kennedy properties in your city, please visit our website.