How to make your apartment feel brighter in fall and winter

The sun-filled days of summer have slipped away, and the darker days of fall and winter are coming. You can't control the sunshine outside, but you can make your home more luminescent. To help you lighten up your space, the Bentall Kennedy Residential Services team wants to share a few tips and tricks for making your apartment feel brighter this fall and winter.


Colourful Rug


We all know how the right rug can really tie a room together. But a big bright and colourful rug can cut through the darkness, while making you feel warm this fall and winter.




Instantly add to the amount of light in a room by placing a mirror across from a window or reflective surface.


Let the Sunshine In


With less sunlight through fall and winter, it's time to make the most of what light there is. Lose those dark light-absorbing drapes and opt for something translucent. This will still give you some privacy while still letting the sunshine in.




Transform a dark and dreary space into a shimmering sanctuary with metallic accent pieces. A well placed gold or silver frame, mirror, or decorative object will reflect the light and make your space feel more luxurious.


Strategic Lighting


This piece from The New York Times will teach you how to light your space strategically. As natural light dwindles, a well-placed floor lamp, aimed at the ceiling at the back of the room, can fill in the dark spots of your space that the sun can't reach.


Be Book Smart


Make sure your bookshelves or partitions are placed perpendicular to the windows and not parallel with them, as this will block the light.


Clean and Bright


Keeping light fixtures, bulbs, and windows clean will let the light shine through as much as possible.


We hope this post brightens your days this fall and winter!


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