Grilling without a BBQ? That sounds wrong. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to grill sans grill. While many people may not have a BBQ or a backyard, everyone deserves the right to grill. In an effort to making grilling available to all, Bentall Kennedy Residential Services brings you a list of ways to grill indoors this summer.


George Foreman Grill


Don't overthink it. This 90s era throwback is as popular now as it was then. And while boosted by the fame of the champ, it's just one of myriad similar options. From Hamilton Beach to Sunbeam and Black & Decker, there are price points and variations galore. You're looking at a price range of about $30-$80 to buy a new one, and they're available at Walmart, the Bay, and specialty kitchen stores. Best of all, their use is dead easy: pre heat, toss on meat, bread, pita, grilled cheese, tofu, veggies - almost anything - and get pretty convincing grill marks, with a sizzlingly tasty end product.




The broiler in your oven (or toaster oven) is a nearly forgotten alternative to the bbq. While heating from the opposite direction (above), broiling does a fantastic job getting that tell-tale grill browning and flavour. Placing the oven rack closer to the element/fire can also increase char factor to get a more convincing bbq finish. From fish to chicken, veggies to kabobs, the broiler is a high quality grilling alternative.


Use Smoky Ingredients


If you can't make the mountain come to you, go to the mountain. Getting that classic grill flavour sans BBQ isn't always easy, but there's a great fake that can fool the tongue. Adding smoky ingredients to food is a fantastic way to impart grilled flavor. Use smoked salt or smoked paprika on meat or fish, drizzle smoked olive oil over vegetables or focaccia, or try adding chipotle chiles to sauces and marinades. And, of course, there's always old faithful, liquid smoke. Experiment, but use it sparingly: a little goes a long way. Click here for more.


Who says you need a BBQ to grill? Bentall Kennedy Residential Services hopes this list gives you a few ideas for grilling alternatives. For more information about Bentall Kennedy properties in your city, please visit our website.