How to Break Through a Fitness Plateau

As anyone who's ever worked out, tried to lose weight, or trained for an athletic event knows, plateaus in mind, body, and spirit are part of the game. They are static, level periods where it appears nothing is happening. Plateaus in ability, strength, skill, and capacity are normal, and a natural part of the learning process. The team at Bentall Kennedy Residential Services has a list of ways to help you break through them to get to higher levels of skill.

Be Patient

The learning process has basically two stages: growth and processing. Growth entails a period of intake and uptake of new information and ideas, skills and concepts. Processing involves the practice, mastery, and embodiment of those ideas, skills and concepts. Both take time. While it may seem like nothing is happening during a plateau phase, the truth is plateaus are periods where the body and mind are processing previously learned information, trying to make sense of it, and digest it to be put to practical use. Being patient at both stages of the process will make your fitness journey more enjoyable and your fitness goals more attainable.

Vary Your Workouts and Routine

You might plateau because of boredom. The body and mind adapt and get used to routines. Muscles become accustomed to doing the same exercises and eventually won't respond the same way as they initially did. In order to get results in fitness it's important to vary every aspect of your regimen: from exercises, to weight amounts, rest days, and diet (more below).

Don't Forget Diet

To really take your fitness to the next level, you have to follow a good diet. Exercise will only go so far. There are a lot of conflicting opinions out there on what constitutes a good diet, but most agree that a good balance of proteins, vegetables and high quality carbohydrates will go a long way for your fitness goals. Keep portions in mind too, as total caloric intake should be balanced with exercise, all in concert with your fitness goals.

Hire a Personal Trainer

One of the best ways to improve your fitness fast is to get outside help. A personal trainer can tailor an exercise and diet program to your needs and goals. Hiring a trainer can help you push through plateau phases.

The Bentall Kennedy Residential Services blog team hopes that this list helps you push through those plateaus in fitness and training. For more information about Bentall Kennedy properties in your city, please visit our website.