Yoga is everywhere these days, and it goes well beyond the mat. Everywhere you look you see people in yoga clothes, new yoga books lining bookshelves, yogi-friendly food, and people living and breathing the yoga lifestyle. It's become as much about culture as it is about posture. If you're into it, but don't have twenty bucks to drop on drop-in yoga classes at your local studio, it's time to start a practice at home. To help you develop your skills, the team at Bentall Kennedy Residential Services is here to tell you how and why to start a yoga practice at home.


Why You Should Start a Home Yoga Practice


A Home Yoga Practice is Cheap


Thanks to hipster yoga culture, studios have popped up everywhere charging a fortune for classes. While squeezing into a tiny room with 30 sweaty yogis, trying to bend and flex in ways you didn't know you could might sound like an enticing idea at first, your bank account will rebel sooner or later. Yoga at home is incredibly economical. Depending on your home flooring situation, you might not even need a yoga mat. A decent carpet can suffice. Pocket the 50-100$/month you'd spend and practice at home.


The Internet is Here to Help


From youtube to independent blogs and websites, there's little you can't learn online. Even celebrity yogis like Tara Stiles offer free yoga videos.


How to Start a Home Yoga Practice


When it comes to yoga -- just like with music, art, science, programming, or sleight of hand -- you have to practice, and the more frequently you do, the better. This means not only having the desire, but making the time for it. Save at least 10 minutes a day (or 3 times a week if you're busy) for your practice. Do it at high energy times of day (like the morning) or as soon as you get home from work. Make it a priority, and you'll improve.


The Bentall Kennedy Residential Services blog team hopes that we've inspired you to start a yoga practice at home. For more information about Bentall Kennedy properties in your city, please visit our website.