Get your apartment ready for winter

The dazzling displays of fall colours tend to shine brightly and fade quickly. As the temperatures continue to dip and cross the boundary from crisp and cool to dark and cold, it's time to develop some cozy strategies to stay comfy during the coming winter. The Bentall Kennedy Residential Services team is here to help you get your apartment ready for winter.  


Throw in a Throw Blanket


It's hard to say which is the best invention of all time -- the wheel or the throw blanket? When you're chilly and want to reach for a soft, cozy throw without even getting up -- the blanket takes a clear lead in the best invention race. Choose a rich, warm, even velvety throw to toss onto your couch or over the arm of a chair. It will help you ward off winter's chill.




If you haven't swapped out your thin and cool summer bedding for more warm and cozy winter alternatives yet, the time has come! Some thick flannel or jersey sheets and a warm duvet can create a winter haven. While you're at it, why not warm up the colours? The cozy feeling warmer tones of orange, red, or purple can provide is real. You may want to throw down a warm rug by the foot of your bed so your toasty toes need not contact any cold floors this winter.




The process of baking will warm up your apartment and the aroma of fresh baked treats will make you feel warm on the inside. Plus, when you're baking is done, you get to eat warm apple pie, or cookies, or cupcakes. Pair that with a cup of hot cocoa and you've got a foolproof recipe for cozy.


Movie Night


You've got the warm baked goods and hot cocoa. You've got the cozy blanket. Now it's time to gather family and/or friends and curl up on the couch for a cozy movie night. Let it snow!


The Bentall Kennedy Residential Services team wishes you a cozy winter! For information on Bentall Kennedy Properties in your city, please visit our website.