Beautiful DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Setting a beautiful table for grateful guests requires some planning – and we don't just mean the menu. The Bentall Kennedy Residential Services team has some seasonal decor ideas for beautiful DIY Thanksgiving centrepiece ideas for your holiday table.


Vintage Bottles


Save some of those herbs when you're making your Thanksgiving meal to create a lovely centrepiece. Fill coloured glass bottles with flowers or herbs like sage and rosemary. They will look and smell lovely.


Pumpkin Vase


You can create a gorgeous gourd vase by cutting a hole in a pumpkin or gourd as though you were making a Jack-O'-Lantern. Instead of carving a spooky face, simply insert a floral foam disc and stuff it with flowers, stems and even some salad stuff. Kale and cabbage bunches make great decorations!


Floral Terrarium Thanksgiving Centerpiece


Are pumpkins too traditional and predictable for your taste? This terrarium centerpiece uses a more subtle and elegant glass terrarium to house floral foliage.


Metallic Maize Vase


If you want to wow your guests this Thanksgiving, create an amazing metallic maize vase!

Coat dried corn cobs in metallic paint and glue, or tie them around a 6-inch round vase with twine or raffia. Fill the vase as usual, with a floral foam and flowers of your choice. Set it all down on a wood slice for a rustic slice of Thanksgiving heaven.


Paper Flower-Filled Cornucopia


A cornucopia basket filled with crepe flowers provides a classic look that won't fade or wilt. You can purchase crepe flowers online, but crafty DIYers will love creating their own personal cutouts. This tutorial will show you how!


The Bentall Kennedy Residential services team wants to extend our thanks to you for being part of our community. Happy Thanksgiving!


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