5 Questions to Ask Before You Move Into Your Partner's Apartment

Are you ready for the next step: Moving In? 

Before you start packing your belongings, it's important to ensure that the 'move-in' is a healthy next step for your relationship. Ask yourself these 5 questions help you and your partner determine if you're both ready!


1. What are my reasons for wanting to move-in with my partner? 

Before you move into your partner's apartment ask yourself, "why do I want this"? Make sure that your reasons are genuine, and that you're not doing it to save on rent or have someone to share expenses with. This could be a recipe for disaster! Ideally your reasons and your partner's reasons should match up. 


2. How do we resolve arguments?

It's completely natural for couples to argue. But how often do your argue, and how is it usually resolved? Keep in mind that in an apartment, space is mainly shared so it can be difficult to retreat to a separate area without leaving your home.

Don't forget the walls have ears! While apartments are often built with some noise-prevention, your argument about chores just might be overheard by those who live near you. Being aware of how disagreements happen between you two and how you resolve them, should be somewhat of an indicator if you can handle living in the same space, peacefully. Remember the 3 C's: Cool-Down, Communication and Compromise!


3. Am I ready to share my personal space?

In an apartment, there are times where you will need to compromise on sharing spaces, decor, chores and negotiating privacy. If you've never lived with a partner or roommate before, you might want to think about how much time you need to yourself and how much space you will need for your belongings.


4.  Am I ready to have my name on the apartment rental lease?

Whenever you move into a new rental, with or without someone else, your name will need to appear on the rental agreement. This means you are responsible for the rent, any damage done and following the rules of the building and the rent agreement, on a legal basis. While you and your partner can privately figure out who is paying rent and how, at the end of the day, if your partner is unable to pay, the responsibility will fall to you. 


5. Will I feel comfortable being myself around my partner, 24/7? 

Dating is much different than living together! Even if you stay the night at each other's apartments, you may not really see 100% of each other's personality and habits. Will you feel at home in your partner's home and will they help you make it your home too? These are important things to discuss beforehand. You might want to consider making a list of your daily habits and routines for each other, so you can ask questions and have conversations about them, before they arise as an issue.


We love when couples come together in one of our apartments! Make sure to contact your property manager, to inform them of the additional tenant and the move-in date.